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Deborah Bell Interiors was established in 2001. As part of Deborah Bell Interiors, we aim to bring the ideas and thoughts that you have for your home to life. In a market place that is ever changing and ever evolving, styles that are new become out dated very quickly. For this reason it is important that we always remain “ahead of the game”.

Interior & Contract Design

Whether you require a general domestic interior design or a full bespoke project from kitchens to bathrooms and lighting – we can offer inspirational and unique ideas catered to your design preferences. With vast amounts of previous experience working with a range of Scotland’s top house builders, Deborah Bell Interiors can also offer assistance with contract design

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Deborah Bell Interiors also specialize in the production of bespoke handmade soft furnishings and upholstery. As we work alongside some of the leading manufacturers and upholsterers both local and a far, we want to hear about your soft furnishing requirements and how we can help produce a distinct and tasteful bespoke product just for you.

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About Debbie

I came to the realization early on in life that I had a passion and a flare for everything related to art and design. From my days at school I was recognized by my art teachers for two things; being exceptional with the use of colours and for my love of ceramics!

When I finished school I had a clear vision for myself developing my career in interior design. Upon leaving school I decided to study further at Telford College in Edinburgh prior to continuing my interior design course at Napier University.

It was when I was in my third year of studying at Napier University I was noticed by one of the lecturers, who was also an established architect, for my interior design potential. He was working on a variety of different projects and requested that I aid and assist him with the designing of the development’s interiors. That was my first experiences with working on large commercial projects and renovations.

My working life

I finished my university course and attained my Bachelor of Art. I then worked briefly on the designing of certain government buildings as part of an organisation known as Crown Suppliers. This was a role which was served the whole of Scotland.

The next experience I gained as part of the working world was in the domestic housing market working for one of Scotland’s largest house builders, Wimpey Homes (as it was called then). In this role I was primarily responsible for the interior design of the show homes. During my tenure at Wimpey Homes, I was promoted to senior interior designer. In total, I was under employment with Wimpey Homes for just under 6 years.

In 1997 I was employed by Allied Contracts as their chief designer for Scotland. It was here I was able to further enhance my knowledge and experience in show house design. Much of my work was also featured at the “Ideal Homes Exhibition”. Both Glasgow and London