Project Management

Over the years, Debbie from Deborah Bell Interiors has accrued vast amounts of experience with project management. With many developments being time critical, the ability to manage all the individual processes within the overall project is vital. In order to hand a project back to the client on time and on budget - meticulous organisation, time keeping and in depth knowledge of all the trades required as part of the process is needed.

Design Meeting and
Establishment of Brief

The first stage of the process is to meet with the Client for a coffee and a chat. This is to allow Debbie to gain a firm understanding of what preferences the client has with regards to budget, timescales, style and colours etc. In many situations, people thinking about redesigning their interior don’t always have a true idea of which style they wish to adopt, themselves, so for this reason it’s vital to have a face to face consolation with Debbie so that she can present potential ideas as well.From the Design meeting, Debbie can create a comprehensive brief for the project where all the ideas discussed can consolidate and finalized.

Debbie’s Thinking Time

Using the information gathered in the design meeting, Debbie can then go away and have a brainstorming session to come up with specific interior ideas based on all the design preferences discussed. This is the stage where Debbie can begin to think about how to allocate spaces throughout the house and wallpaper covers etc.


Debbie will then meet face to face again with the client to give various slide show presentations detailing different options of styles, wallpapers, potential furniture and much more.

Full Project Proposal

Deborah Bell Interiors will then submit an official proposal for the full project to the client.